Wondering about Wanderlust?

I’ve always wanted to go to Wanderlust, you know, to find my true north and all, but it was never a convenient time, due to assorted graduations and other summer travel plans.

But this year it finally happened. I squeezed in ONE day of the four-day long festival, up at Stratton, Vermont in between other summer plans. And here’s what I thought…

On June 21, 1017, significantly both the summer solstice and International Yoga Day, I drove north alone, watching an endless sunset, as the world got greener, cooler, cleaner and just plain easier to breathe in. I rolled the windows down and relaxed into the warm clean air. I had signed up online weeks earlier for a full line up of assorted festival activities, so I eagerly got to bed on the early side.

Best laid plans…I overslept my alarm the next morning, but chose to see that as my body’s way of feeding itself a dose of much-needed sleep in this oxygen-rich mountain air. So I sadly missed out on my much-anticipated 8am “Rise & Shine SUP Yoga” experience, but made it to the base, just in time for my 10am Ridgeline Loop hike.

The gondola ride up to the top of Stratton Mountain was filled with fun conversation with eager ladies of the same mindset. They had come here from as far as Austin to create a healthier mind and body by engaging in rejuvenating and restorative experiences in this tranquil summer space. We all hoped to nurture our inner strength and peace. What I quickly discovered is that Wanderlust is SO much more than just yoga!

And so we hiked along the trail inhaling that strong pine tree scent and getting familiar with what drew us each here. Then we made it to the Firetower and climbed up it to cloud level, taking in the majestic views of green mountains for miles and ski resorts in lush summer splendor.

Giddy with the forest scented scenery, our little sub group followed the trail back to the gondola and rode it back down to the village, savoring our accomplishment and all that still lay ahead for us in Wanderlust land.

Mary Jo (my new hiking friend) and I proceeded to get face and body glitter and golden flash tattoos touting “#nohormonesPLZ.” We were behaving like middle school besties. Tribal markings now in place, we meandered around the various vendors getting free samples of everything from Goodnessknows granola bars to Calendula creams.


We then spotted a “popsicles” sign, and since it was a sunny 73 degrees and the hike had warmed us up we ended up indulging in homemade popsicles made out of champagne and berries! It was decadent and delicious. Then I left my newfound friend to go to listen to Katie Dalebout talk about her “Journey through Journaling” in the Chapel of the Snows. I bought her book and left feeling that my soul had been massaged.

I wandered over to check out the slackline and AIReal yoga and got to see a dear friend at the INDACreations booth, where she was selling sage bundles wrapped in sunflowers.

There was a great clothing boutique set up across from Stratton Real Estate selling beautiful wrap dresses and 70 styles pants in wild prints to complete the hippie look and feel. I bought a few fun frocks then went to my 2pm class and hung upside down in the AIReal yoga hammock. Talk. About. Fun.

We were all plied at every turn with unusual but insanely delicious tidbits, like butter coffee, chai flavored protein powder concoctions and tofu wraps pretending to be chicken. I felt that I was eating my way through the day, yet still feeling hungry. Foods like Buddha Bowl popcorn, in all its organic bliss, didn’t offer much in the way of calories, after all that yoga and hiking.

IMG_2962Much to my chagrin, just as the Justin Michael Williams daytime music set late was getting started, I had to hit the road to get home. The handmade and repurposed blue jay feather and leather earrings from Kelly Horrigan were a last-minute “must have.” They matched my new dress and were irresistible.

I left the base area as a hundred fellow Wanderlusters were assuming the down dog position in the main tent, wearing headphones “for a private experience.” I looked longingly for a minute before moving on, away from all the fun. IMG_2964 Wanderlust was a perfect solo experience, but I could also see it being great as a couple’s retreat or as a girl’s getaway.

www.Wanderlust.com 2018, I will be back!! 🙂

#FindYourTrueNorth #Wanderlustfest #WanderlustFestival #StrattonMountain #Wanderlust2017

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