The Silence of Christmas Eve Snow


The Best thing about this place is still the people….my beloved AAMP ski group. The camaraderie of the team is a powerful one. It’s intoxicating actually, especially for those of us who thrive on the “social” part of ski slope fun. We bond on the gondola and become Facebook friends and then share in the thrill of the ski terrain. It’s such comfort and security being on the inside.

 We have a secret: we get to skip the lines. We ski fast, but we look out for each other too. We après ski together. We have it good and we know it. Skiing solo just can’t compare.

Why else is Stratton so great? It’s that ridiculous smell emanating from the waffle cabin at the base. It can actually bring young and old to our collective knees. No matter when I last ate, I need a waffle and I need it now. When the kids ask for one I cannot resist saying, “oh yeah, get a waffle. Get it now and share it with mommy 🙂 !!!”

It begins to rain and at first we attempt the slopes but it’s just too soggy. Outlet shopping just makes more sense. We find a new rhythm of quiet all nestled in our beds and couches reading our new books from Northshire bookstore. We all French braid our hair and eat s’mores. It’s an instant slumber party. We manage to move from fireside to hot tub to couch to sleep with ease (Rinse, wash, repeat). Scategories and St. Elmo’s Fire are perfect entertainment.

The world is one of few worries or cares or obligations…for a little while at least. The silence and stillness is like a warm electric blanket, which actually I do have up there, and under which I nestle for those insane 12-hour long slumbers. Now that is the definition of re-charging.

After 2 days of straight of “rain drops keep falling on our heads”, the metronome of plop, plop, plop has now been replaced with the sound of snow guns. It s a hissing sound similar to my grandma’s old steam radiator as the heat blessedly escaped.

Not just similar in sound, but actually the feeling I have for both is also the same, come to think of it. I feel gratitude. Back then it was for getting warm, “thank God the heat is coming on” and now it’s “oh Thank God they can make snow again!”

The rain had washed so much of the mountain away. Thank goodness Stratton knows how to put it back. It makes me wonder though. Can’t they make snow that doesn’t melt? Or if that’s too tricky, can’t they at least lay down a big mountain-sized tarp once they know it’s going to rain and get warm? I’m sure Stratton is working on that. 

As I write this, the snow gun in front of my window is hissing away and, as if on cue, a gorgeous sunrise is lighting up the winter wood. The hiss of the snow guns is actually a giant “shhhhhhhh….” And so we all take heed and grow quieter.

The snow is man-made, but reverence is still paid. The snow silences  us. Commanding quiet. Today is Christmas Eve and yes, this feels like a gift. Yes, this feels just about right. It’s definitely a Silent Night up here. 



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