Veteran’s in Vegas


Ok so perhaps taking the kids to “Sin City” for a Veteran’s day weekend getaway WAS a bit ridiculous.  But how can anyone not want to see the glitz and glamour that the movies portray?

The take-away is that yes, it’s a crazy place. One where all bets are off (well, on, actually, but you understand where I’m going with this). And somehow through the haze, Vegas did teach us a few things and gave us unexpected perspective.

 OK, so gambling can be a thrill, and quite entertaining, as it was for us.  And heck, we all gamble. Geez, life is a gamble. We put ourselves out there time and again in life. Relationships, politics, and jobs are all gambles to some extent. But what is life without taking chances and risks?

Hmmm….it seems, at least in Vegas,  that the secret is to recognize when and how to walk away. Don’t let the rush take over. Well, I’m amazed to say that we did manage to cash our chips in after a big win at the roulette table. And the kids were impressed by our winnings, our luck, but way more importantly, our willpower.

Seeing such a wide scope of gambling definitely had our kids wide-eyed (and us questioning our destination choice).  As we walked through the casinos like mice in a maze, they noticed a particularly “focused” woman with a cigarette in one hand and a slot machine in the other.

She was in the exact spot both before and after David Copperfield made a green 1948 Lincoln Continental convertible appear for us on stage. The kids were almost more amazed by the woman’s lack of movement away from her slot machine post than by Copperfield’s masterful illusions.

Oxygen, smoke and air freshener permeated each casino like a required uniform. I was nauseous. Our clothes and hair reeked. Our daughter held her sweatshirt to her face in an effort to breath “fresh” air.  But our astute 14 year old son simply said,  “I smell sadness.”   And there it was.

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